Settlement Agreements Declared Binding

On 17 January 2012, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal declared the Settlement Agreements binding that the Stichting Converium Securities Compensation Foundation (“the Foundation”) and Vereniging VEB NCVB (“VEB”) have entered into with SCOR Holding (Switzerland) AG (“Converium”) and Zurich Financial Services (“ZFS”) respectively. The Settlement Agreements provide for compensation to eligible Non-U.S. Exchange Purchasers of Converium common stock. The decision means that the Foundation, VEB, Converium and ZFS have been successful further to their petition to the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to declare these Settlement Agreements binding. The judgment of 17 January 2012 can be downloaded from this website.

Further to the provisions of the Settlement Agreements, notice of the binding declaration has been sent to all known Non-U.S. Exchange Purchasers. The notice sets out how, and before what date, Non-U.S. Exchange Purchasers who do not wish to be bound by the Settlement Agreements, must submit an opt-out request. The notice also refers to the claim form which must be timely filed with the claims administrator in order for a Non-U.S. Exchange Purchaser to be eligible to participate in the proceeds of the Settlements. Both the notice and the claim form can be downloaded from this website. After the relevant dates for filing opt-out requests and for filing claim forms have passed and claims processing has been completed, the net settlement amounts will be distributed pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Distribution Plan. The distribution plan can also be downloaded from this website.